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Latest Results for "VAX"

Thu Jun 13 15:23ASCII text, with no line terminators (VAX COFF executable)
Tue Jun 11 05:48data (VAX COFF executable not stripped)
Tue Jun 11 05:47data (VAX COFF executable not stripped - version 18996)
Fri Jun 7 11:48CLIPPER COFF executable (VAX #)
Sun Jun 2 12:38data (VAX COFF executable not stripped - version 17758)
Thu May 30 16:50ISO-8859 text, with CRLF, NEL line terminators (VAX COFF executable)
Wed May 29 09:35VAX-order 68K Blit (standalone) executable
Wed Apr 24 07:23data (VAX COFF executable - version 28086)
Mon Apr 22 11:16Microsoft Word 2007+ (VAX COFF executable)
Mon Apr 22 02:10data (VAX COFF executable)

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